Raize your expectations. Get noticed.

Our backgrounds in marketing and PR have seen many hours, days and years of hard work and spirit in both agency and corporate environments. We are driven to ensure our work and results are of the highest caliber, while making the process easy, accessible and tailored to our clients’ individual needs.

We create, define and build brands that will actually make an impact everywhere.

Why this industry?

It's truly unique, and we are seeing it enhance and change so many lives, including our own. While our senior-level expertise and successes were earned across a range of industries including technology, business and fintech, consumer and lifestyle, health and fitness and more—we are excited to lead in another growth area, and recognize that the cannabis/CBD industry and ancillary businesses have uniquely specific aspects and rapidly-evolving trends and regulations like no other. We anticipate what's next.
We understand how much this can overwhelm consumers and business owners alike, and want to provide the best answers to the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How that goes into making the right decisions at the right time.
We also love how passionate everyone in this industry isand we are, too.


Our approach

Our work is built on everyone being accountable, reflective and deliberate—just like the brands we shape. Our shared philosophy? Be thoughtful and thorough, and don’t overcomplicate. Then jump in and make the magic happen. 


To get there, we have developed a trusted, savvy-sensible approach and network that’s formulated and also flexible. We believe in the power of effective relationships—and how these need nurturing and consideration. So, we always keep the lines of communication open and transparent, for all voices to be heard.



Jen.future headshot2_SMALL.jpg

Jen Rahn, Co-founder

Based in Denver, Jen operates—like ALL the time—with equal parts left brain and right. She’s analytical, but free-spirited. Focused, but totally flexible. A realist, but with a sunny disposition. Gravitating since childhood toward writers, film and fine arts, she wrote, painted and spent lots of time in the dark room, but also made the grades in math and chemistry.


Marketing—a blend of art, geekery and empathy, plus finding the perfect expressive word was always a natural fit. Ultimately, after spending time on the curiously disparate planets of Client and Agency, Jen uncovered her defining strengths: the subtle arts of understanding what makes people tick and getting crystal clear on communication and storytelling, methodically. So, naturally, Raize is Jen’s brain-child: an outfit that creates brands, always one part thoughtfully strategic and consistent, balanced by that other unhindered creative half. A place where good agency practices—always thinking before acting but never over-thinking to the point of paralysis—come together to simplify and clarify messages in this challenging space for the good company we keep. 

Schooled: Rutgers University, Bachelor of Arts - Communication; minors in Visual Arts & Art History; University of Pennsylvania - Annenberg School of Communication

Roberta headshot.jpg

Roberta Tsang, Co-founder


Roberta is the queen of cool-under-pressure, making every PR or communications effort, from strategy to thought leadership to full-on crisis management, a lesson in grace. With years of B2B and B2C experience working for high-profile clients across a variety of industries—consumer and lifestyle products and services, technology, entertainment, sports, financial services/fintech/blockchain and cryptocurrency—from her perches in New York City and Las Vegas, Roberta brings media savvy infused with sophistication, global perspective and deeply earned credibility. 


Roberta is a planner at heart, which infuses her work with substance. Yet, she’s not afraid to jump in and advise while a company is still developing or in flux. Because she so astutely understands social and traditional media, and discovering opportunities in which to get noticed, Roberta executes with the greatest precision, authority and impact. 


Ultimately, it’s her ability to stay relevant yet flexible— jump in wherever she’s needed and deliver results—that make Roberta an authentic, valuable and integral leader of the Raize team.

Schooled: New York University, Bachelor of Arts - Communication


Sharon White


They say the best bakers cook with so much passion that you can taste the love in every delicious dessert. It’s kind of like that with Sharon’s design (well, actually, /and/ her baking). She’s so committed to her craft—and so masterful in execution—that you can feel the love in her design. And that’s why Raize clients connect so instantly—and intimately—with Sharon’s work.


Let’s not forget that she’s a trained fine artist, a graphic designer who sees art in all aspects of life. This unchained view impacts her artistic endeavors, bringing a thoughtfully unexpected and always-relevant freshness to marketing deliverables in an increasingly packaged-up business environment. What’s even more refreshing is Sharon diligently approaches design with true strategy, asking all the right questions and knowing how and when to push or reign in design by industry, client and platform.


Sharon’s natural wit, girl-next-door positivity and intuitive sense for making design effortlessly simple—our company’s overarching measure of success—is infectious. Since the start of Raize, Sharon has infused the agency with a steady, inspiring breath of fresh air.

Schooled: Louisiana Tech University, Bachelor of Fine Arts - Photography & Studio Art


Bradley White


Bradley started building websites in the 90s, back when Google was just a brand new way to search, and AOL was the toast of the Internet. An avid gamer, he spent many years creating user interfaces and 3D environments for platforms such as Playstation and xBox.


After creating and launching a number of major products releases in (and losing his hair in) the video game industry, he went out on his own, as an art director, bringing all his talent to a focus on video production and animation. 


And while he continues to create all-things-visual-and-moving, he is also busy developing user interfaces and architecting/designing user experiences for mobile apps, web apps and websites.

Schooled: Louisiana Tech University, Bachelor of Fine Arts - Photography & Graphic Design/Marketing


Julie Kailus


Her dad was a math teacher. She cried over calculus. Then Julie discovered words—their power, subtleties, emotion—and the world seemed a little more connected. She made a magazine in her bedroom. Then got a journalism degree (with a hankering for anthropology).


Sublimely independent, Julie went west and first linked her outdoor adventure and writing ambitions at Outside Magazine. Later, she translated word-crafting for print and online publications to content marketing—and ultimately found a place to call home. It was here Julie could provide a real, tangible, results-oriented service for clients (and just people, really) from a variety of inspired industries.


Balance and simplicity are Julie’s mantras for good writing—and good brands—and, well, a pretty darn good life too. She’s buttoned up yet down-to-earth. She makes our clients laugh … and answer tough questions, like any good reporter. If there’s something Julie consistently brings to Raize clients (and ultimately their brands), it’s an insightful ability to dig a little deeper. To get her hands dirty. And then articulate what’s poignant, load it with meaning for an audience and make the message relevant at a crucial point in time.

Schooled: Indiana University - Bloomington, Bachelor of Arts - Journalism